How to become a fucked up person

ax-woodThis is for you, irresponsible parents.For you, because you act so immature and selfish, that one can actually say that your own kids get to be more grown-up than you could ever be in your entire life.

I wish it hurts. I seriously do.

Because you don’t get to say that you’ve found your soulmate when you are what, 18, 20 years old. You don’t get to go  in front of a priest and swear your vowls and then kiss and do whatever you got to do in that moment.

No, you don’t have the right to do that. Most of the time, you know nothing, because you are too young to populate the planet without seriously giving a thought before doing that.

You will probably divorce in the next five years anyway*. And then you’re gonna ask your kids. Honey, do you wanna live with your mummy or your daddy? You will never know what’s in their mind. And guess who’s going to hate you for your whole life.

Imagine you are holding an ax and then you hit your kids right in the middle of their heads. Oops, yes, you did it. You actually smashed all of the good images that they might have about love, marriage or family. Congratulations, you now have a fucked up kid.

But please, go on with this divorcing stuff. I have things to say to all of you. Writing can be a sort of an ax too. I just hope it’s going to strike exactly where it should.

*my respect for the ones who don’t

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