5 Things You Learn in College

… and they have nothing to do with all the courses you took.

1. How to be a little shark

No matter what, you will learn how to swim from the very first year of your studies, just because otherwise you will sink and waste both yourself and your parents’ money. And it’s not as if you are a small fish that happily swims in peaceful waters. No. You constantly learn how to be a shark, all the time on top (or at least, on top of your closest neighbour in the food chain) and how exactly to bite at the right moment. Sometimes, depending on the waters you are swimming in, you will bite so hard that you will leave permanent marks, and people will hate you for that. On other ocasions, you will be hurt by the ones you consider your closest friends. It’s just life. Deal with it and get over it, nobody actually care about your wounds.

2. How not to give a damn

Whoever comes and tells me that I am superficial when I am saying that you shouldn’t give a damn, well, he or she can simply walk away and leave me alone. As a matter of fact, the less you stress, the greater your chances will be. I believe that the only thing that the stress can do it’s to inhibit most of the people. I am not saying that you shouldn’t care at all. Of course you have your important people in your life, but keep in mind that most of your problems have a solution, and those are things that you will most probably forget about anyway. They won’t matter in, let’s say, two years.

3. How to stop striving from making everyone happy

Think about it. No matter how good you are, you simply can’t be above reproach. Therefore, people will always find something harsh to say about you. That will prevent you from going on and doing your job. After you realise this, take a deep breath and return to the second headline in this article. Fuck it, people, live your life and let me learn how to live mine as well, to make mistakes and get my shit together, without burying me with all that criticism.

4. How not to get hurt 


It really depends on what type of person you are, but generally speaking, you will get hurt so many times while in college (not to mention in your entire life!), that you will end up being immune to pain. Of course, you can be a complete sucker and never stop from falling and getting hurt. That’s all up to you. But you can’t be weak all the time, you will have to stop at some point and ask yourself what on earth it’s wrong with you. And then fix whatever on earth it’s wrong with you.

5. How to be strong no matter what

You feel like everything is falling apart in your life? It doesn’t matter, the longer you persist, the harder will be for you to get up. But I can assure you that you will do so, eventually. Is your life so crappy that you can’t be other than negative? So what? Stand up and sit straight. Just remember, nobody actually gives a damn, so why would you? Did someone hurt you so much, but you still can’t imagine the life without that person? Lame, my friend, ever heard this word?

You will encounter all sorts of situations and problems as a student, because someone up there probably thought that you would get bored otherwise. And again, this will happen all the time, not only in your student life. Just make sure you learn how to be adaptable and easy-going. Life is a bitch you gotta be prepared for.


Originally posted in Romanian, based on my own experience as a student in Romania and abroad.


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  1. I love this post. Life is a bitch and we adjust. Thank you for that Ana


    1. anasipos says:

      Hehe thanks. Yep, we gotta be prepared for it. Get used with the bitching around and fight back. This way we actually live. Happy that you found this inspiring

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the like on fill in the blanks


      2. Thanks for the like on my fill in the blanks post


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