Running on Orcas Island (I) – Cascade Lake loop

I am a stadium runner. A road runner. Call it whatever. Anyway, amateur level, nothing really professional, it’s just this big hobby I have. At least this is the conclusion I’ve drawn in my last year of running.

Therefore, I have never actually considered running trails. Not until life took me back to a place I’ve been before last summer, Orcas Island on Washington State.

But I never thought that I could do more than road running. I remember how I actually quit running for the summer last year, just because I thought that this is simply too much for me.

Call it laziness. I would call it stupidity. Just because I didn’t want to force myself into trying more.

And by more, I mean trails.

Orcas Island, Cascade Lake trail
Orcas Island, Cascade Lake trail

And trails.

Cascade Lake, Orcas Island

Wait, there’s more.11721192_974666119245429_1967943130_n

Cascade Lake on Orcas Island it’s really popular for it’s trails. Both hikers and runners are more than welcome to try them. Bikers would more likely find trails and places to bike on their way to Mountain Lake, through Moran State Park. Check this map, it might be helpful.

A stadium run can never beat the views you encounter while trail running

What I really like the most are the views. I usually don’t stop while I’m running, but sometimes I have to. I am used to the trails now, but I still have to stop for a picture or for a moment of silence and simply breath the moment. And then continue running. A stadium run can never beat that.

I am running around Cascade Lake almost every day because I live really close to it, right on top of the hill and right at the entrance of Moran State Park.

Entering Moran State Park on Orcas Island
Entering Moran State Park on Orcas Island

But I am more than decided to keep on discovering new trails and places to run. I still miss my stadium back home, but that only makes me wanna run more. And actually, who needs a stadium when you are blessed with views like these?

Cascade Lake on Moran State Park offers more than running trails though. Check this and this for more fun activities! And if anyone has any running music suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them here witth me !  ❤


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