Bitten by the travel bug


Someone recently told me that I tend to inspire people when it comes about traveling.

The truth is that I don’t really feel like I am doing so. Or at least I don’t intend to.

I only need 15 minutes on Social Media to realise that I am so very small compared to full-time travelers that have entirely dedicated their lives to traveling.

Photo credits: Jenole Peacock

There is no false modesty here. Sure, I’ve been to places and I lived a lot abroad, but I stil can’t feel like I’ve had enough. I wonder if I will ever feel like this.

It’s not like I can’t call myself a traveler, though

So even though I can’t compare myself to other travelers ( a thing  that I tend to do, I swear I don’t want to do it anymore, because that only frustrates me at times), it’s not like I can’t call myself a traveler, too. There, I said that just so I could feel good at the moment.

Photo credits: Erik Sherman

But honestly, I was bitten by that bug. It’s like a venom that is quickly rushing through my veins. And I can’t even fight it. Not sure I want to, really.

So, yes, I might inspire people, according to some other persons. Make them want more from their lives, once they realise that they are kinda stuck at the moment. If it’s like this, then I love it. It’s great. I am young, I can go wherever the heck I want. You people feel free to steal as much as you can from my positivism! It’s for free, and it’s enough for everyone. Just make sure you keep sharing after this! ❤

Cover photo credits: Vanda Sipoș


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